On average, a single production spans from 100 to 40,000 pieces depending on the complexity of the product. In total, our company produces 800,000 pieces annually. In most cases we produce products from bar material with a diameter of Ø 5 – 52 mm. We predominantly machine free-cutting steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper (including their alloys). We are capable of processing larger parts up to the diameter of Ø 60 mm in a series production from provided raw materials. Our production plants have a total area of over 800m2.

We use following machinery equipment:

CNC lathes OKUMA:

  • LB 9
  • LB 9 W
  • LB 2000 EX II MC 500  Space Turn


  • LNS  Super Hydrobar
  • IEMCA   CNC BOSS 542
  • CNC  Spacesaver 2500

Our customers are companies from both the automotive and the aerospace and medical industries.

Here you can see some samples of our products below.